Wax Removal Regime

  1. If the ear feels blocked install 2 drops of Sodium Bicarbonate drops to the affected ear – for 2 nights only.
  2. If the ear is still blocked after the use of Sodium Bicarbonate drops, a trial of a “Self-Irrigating Bulb” is recommended. This can be bought at a pharmacy. Please read the instructions carefully prior to use, as there are reasons it may not be suitable for you.
  3. If self-irrigating is not successful a referral to the ENT Nurse Practitioner can be made to arrange micro-suction. This referral can be done by your GP or practice nurse.
  4. Once the ear is clear, routinely install a couple of drops of olive oil to the affected ear once a week.
  5. Olive oil or sodium bicarbonate drops should NOT be used if you have a perforation of the eardrum, or the ear is infected.

Jenny Barclay

ENT Nurse Practitioner

Dr Gray's Hospital


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